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A. IRS filing: Federal EIN, DBA, Business Structure. Average cost $245.00. (Included)

B. Executive Summary:

   A short section (2-4 pg) of a business plan summarizing the (20 -50 pg) business plan in such a way that readers can

   become acquainted with the plan without having to read it all. The average cost range $1,500 and up, depends on

   complexity, depth and detail needed. (Included)


                                  1. Project Summary (2 – 3 sentences)



                                      *main problem or issue

                                  2. Background

                                  3. Process

                                  4. Results

                                  5. Conclusions

C. Payroll/Online Payment Setup:

    Setup to accept online payments from customers/clients. Average cost $100. (Included)

D. Mission Statement:

    Communicates what their company is all about. A strong mission statement is not the same thing as a slogan, which is designed

    to grab the attention. It’s more precise and strategic. Average cost $450. (Included)

E. Policy & Procedure:

    State compliant policy and procedure are designed to guide senior management and employees. It’s a step-by-step protocol of

    instructions (SOP) to follow of best business practices. Average cost $650. (Included)

*Terms and Conditions

Turn-around time to completion is dependent upon all signatories

returning all DocuSign documents in a timely manner upon request.

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